These are the facts that took place before they landed on Eden no Ori island.

  • A group of 195 students and 10 teaching staffs of a unknown name school went on a trip to Guam.
  • In chapter 72 Rion Akagami said they stayed in Guam for 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Akira Sengoku was seen throwing firecrackers on the ground. He peeped on some girl at night. He stole some food from a older man or teacher. He and at least 3 guys are decorating a replica of Statue of Liberty. It is unknown if these event are occured in this schooltrip.
  • It is Kanako Oomori first flight as Cabin Attendant. She meet Towa on the day before they crashed.
  • In the videocamera of Makoto Morita it is noted with 5 entrees: Beach's Angel in Guam, Huge Breast bath, Huge Breast Bath 2, Exposed Guam, the Waking and unknown title (After the incident).

October 1th, Day -2

  • The day they landed on Guam.
  • Beach's Angel is where Makoto was filming Rion and the girls. He was filming some girls in bikini's for the volleyball team. Someone took a photo of Rion, Kouhei Arita and Akira Sengoku.
  • Huge Breast bath and Huge Breast bath 2 films could be filmed on the first day.

October 2th, Day -1

  • Exposed Guam could be a field trip somewhere in Guam where Akira and friends were decorating a replica Statue of Liberty.
  • Somewhere else Kouichi Yarai was having a fight in Guam. He was fighting a group of adult men wearing army pants. Ugen Kokonoe, Motoko Kurusu and a unknown teacher were there to stop the fight.
  • A male student 'Hades' who hates Akira bought a Guam souvenir mask.

October 3th, Day 0

  • The title "the Waking" could be the day they wake up and start packing for the return trip to Japan.

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