November 3th, Day 31

November 4th, Day 32

  • Sengoku and Kawana fell down the cliff. Kawana died from the fall. The group found Sengoku and by night they return to camp school.

November 11th, Day 39

  • The Argentavis flew into the camp and started attacking people. There was only 1 death.

November 12th, Day 40

  • The next day 4 people died from ancient ticks. They burned the camp down preventing someone else being killed by the ancient ticks. They headed into the mountain to find a coastline.
    Mariya's map

November 13th, Day 41

  • On the night Mariya was checking the status of the trip. It seems it would take 2 more days till they reach the base of the mountain.

November 14th, Day 42

  • Mariya was explaining to Sengoku about recharging his laptop since they landed on the island.

November 15th, Day 43

  • On the third day they reach the base of the mountain. They also found the remain of a fellow student Noriaki Matsuki who rolled down from the mountain.

November 16th, Day 44

November 17th, Day 45

  • The next morning Sengoku's Group suffered from acute mountain sickness. Eventually they overcome the sickness and saw the mountaintop. At the top they saw the layout of the island. They found clue leftover from Makoto Morita. After that they descend the mountain to find Makoto Morita.

November 19th, Day 47

  • After climbing down they headed the nearest river where other group should go after traveling up the mountain.

November 20th, Day 48

November 21th, Day 49

November 22th, Day 50

November 23th, Day 51

November 24th, Day 52

November 25th, Day 53

  • Sengoku's Group walked out the forest alive. Along the way Saji fell down a cliff and they never recover his body.

November 26th, Day 54

November 27th, Day 55

  • After a good night rest Sengoku's Group resumed the chase after Morita's Group.
  • Morita's Group made it at the base of the Tower and began to investigate. Hideo Igarashi is the last person of Morita's Group to arrive at the Tower. Soon after they found a stone of wing stuck on the ground. By removing the stone they were trapped under the revolving trapdoor.

November 28th, Day 56

November 29th, Day 57

November 30th, Day 58

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