After the crash landing.

After the crash landing, the passengers were stuck on the island and had to survive on the island with only their stuff on their bag and their wits.

Edible & Drinkable


Berries are a eatable Fruits produced from a single ovary.

Red Berries

Sengoku's Group and Kouichi's Group ate the red Berries by the lake. Unknown to them the red Berries were poisonous and caused them to falsely think that the "epidemic" was caused by sickness, while it was caused by the red berries. After Akira Sengoku figured out the truth, he and Rion Akagami began to search for an antidote White Flowers to neutralize the effects of the poison.


Fruits, which grow on brances, are the edible part of trees.
Fruits2 Survivors on the island have mostly used fruits along with berries and fish as their primary source of food. The island has plethora fruits and the fruits are genetically man-made, in same vain as the other flora and fauna on the island.

Kanjime Cans

Kanjime Cans are canned food that can be easily carried with and can be preserved for longer perioids, making it ideal food at the island.

Kanjime Cans

Akira Sengoku, Kanoko Oomori, and Shirou Mariya found some cans on the ground near the plane, which were all opened and used.


Meat is animal flesh that is used as food.

Yarai's deer

When Kouichi Yarai went missing, Motoko Kurusu and three other students searched for him. They found him at the top of a hill, where Kouichi Yarai was standing over a deer-like animal.


Seafood refers to any sea animal or plant that is served as food. There are many others used as food, too.


Kazuma Sajiwas fishing at the lake. In the end he couldn't get any fish. Instead he collected shellfishes for dinner. After the battle with the Propleopus, Titanis Walleri and Smilodon, Akira's Group found a nearby river and caught some fishes.

At the beach of the island, Kouichi Yarai uses a Fishing Rod to catch some fish for his group.

Water Bottle

A vessel that holds liquid substains. It is an easy way to take water with you.
Water Bottle A water bottle was found when Kanako Oomori was taking a bath at the waterfall. It leads the trio Akira Sengoku, Kanako and Shirou Mariya toward the plane.

Water Barrel

A vessel that holds large quantities of water.
Water Barrel Before the battle with the extinct animals, Akira's Group start to relax and enjoy life inside their base. Foods and drinks are provided by members of the group.

White Flowers

A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants.

Antidote Plant

When Sengoku's Group and Yarai's Group were suffering an illness from the poison Berries, Akira Sengoku and Yaraifound out that the poison from the berries can be neutralized by eating the white flowers.&nbsp



A Bag is a cloth sack carried on one's back or shoulder and secured with one or two straps that go over the shoulders. It can be used to take a lot of stuff with you.


The survivors of the plane carry at least a backpack or bag or satchel when they left the plane. It can carry clothes, food, water and personal items, like Mariya's Laptop. It is vital in order to survive on the island.


A boat is a watercraft of any size designed to float or plane, to provide passage across water.
Boat Building a boat to escape the island has been mentioned several times. However so far no one is able to build one to travel over the ocean.


Items used to contain, store, and transport products.


Miina Isurugi (Fake) had his personal items stored in a container, which had eg. a school uniform, a piece of Paper and a Rope. Later on, Kanako Oomori was searching the container for clues where she found the paper that contained a clue about whereabouts of Towa.


The plane carries about 195 students, 10 teaching staff and 115 ordinary passengers onboard. Flight crews contains about 2 pilots and unknown numbers of Cabin Attendants.


Dainichi Airlines Flight #351 was flying from Guam to Japan when it landed on The Island. After they landed on the island, the passengers stayed in the area for two days before they were forced to leave their thome. On the third day Akira Sengoku and his group found the plane and stayed overnight. At that night a group of Megatherium Americanum attacked the plane. Akira was forced to set the wing engine on fire and eventually blown out the plane.


A raft is any flat structure for support or transportation over water. 


Kazuma Saji and his friends saw another island over the ocean. He suggested they built a Raft to cross over. Masanori Tanaka, Mina Mukouda and Masakazu Yoshimoto were collecting Woods whenAkira's Group came acrossSaji Kazuma. With extra hands they were able to build the Raft a lot faster. When the Andrewsarchus Mongoliensis came to the beach, they left immediately without testing the Raft. A mutiny occured on the Raft. When they reached the other island, instead an island they found a Rock middle in the ocean. The Raft was destroyed by a Basilosaurus. The wreckage came ashore the next morning. Kazuma Saji used a part of Wood to hang Masakasu's shoes. A second Raft was discovered by Kouichi's Group. The wreckage was found around south-east of the island. It is unknown who built the second Raft.

Useful Items


A bullet is a projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, or air gun.

Kokonoe found a bullet in Guam.


Hideo's Business Card

Cat Ears

A cute headgear that makes you look like a kitty-cat.

Kurusu's catears

Kouichi Yarai tricked Motoko Kurusu into wearing Cat Ears so she thought she wouldn't be attacked by any wild beasts.


A cellphone is a electronical device that is used primary to either makes calls, text, take pictures or use the internet.

Sengoku's Cellphone

When Akira Sengoku first arrived on the island he has only his clothes and his cellphone. When he came across over a Diatryma he took a picture of it. But the cellphone made a weird noise causing the Diatryma to kick his cellphone of his hand. Daigo Yashiro showed his cellphone to Akira to prove his claim about the Pyramid. His phone is solar powered so you don't have to worry about the batteries. Later on Duo used his phone to take a picture of Miina Isurugi (Fake). Ugen Kokonoe had a working Cellphone. He used his phone to scrap magnesium off in order to make a Time Bomb.


A flag that stands symbol for the 6th class that was not there before coming to the island.


The flag represents all the students living in Takashi's schoolcamp. Miina askes Sugim asa to take down the flag for him. He drew some doodles on the flag and made everyone of Yamaguchi's group really angry.

Foot Pump Charger

It's an American made foot pump charger that has been used by Shirou Mariya to keep his laptop charged. Later on it it is also used on Eiken's video camera for the same purpose.

Foot Pump Charger

On the second night while heading towards the mountain, Shirou walked away from the group and charged his Laptop using his foot pump charger. Akira came along and offered to charge it. They talked for a while till charging was done.


It's a small piece of cloth that can be used to dab your face.

Kotomi's Handkerchief

It has been used a few times during their stay on the island. Maily Shirou Mariya is a frequent user of it. When Akira's exploration party are being asked to help Rei, Kotomi and Tooru Kazuma Saji complains about helping them. Kotomi Kawana dabs his face with a handkerchief and tells him to hang in there. During the smoke outbreak in the forrest, some students used a handkerchief to cover their mouth and nose from the smoke.

Instant Buoy

An instand buoy is an object made of trousers with their ends tied up and filled with air, causing it to float on top of water.

Instant Buoy

When Akira and his group try to escape the cave that is being flooded with water they come across an underground river that leads outside. The current is too strong to just jump in so Shirou Mariya comes up with the idea to make instant buoys from their trousers.

Instant Glue

It is a mixture in a liquid or semi-liquid state that adheres or bonds items instantly.

Instant Glue

Akira's Group, Kazuma Saji and his friends were building a Raft together. They came short of ivy ropes, so Masanori Tanaka suggested they could use Instant Glue instead. Kazuma Saji threw his shoe at him, because that was a stupid idea.

When the Andrewsarchus Mongoliensis ate Masanori Tanaka up. He had the Instant Glue in his clothes. It caused the animal horrible pain. It left the beach without eating the rest of the group.


It is a keychain that is owned by Shuu Hikime. It was given to him by Momoka Kirino.

Hikime's Keychain

When all the animals in the forest try to escape the smoke Momoka Kirino finds the keychain on the ground.


A laptop is a computer to be taken with the user, and can be used while traveling.

Mariya's Laptop

The laptop has been used in numerous situations by Shirou Mariya . It contained a complete encyclopedia of Extinct Animals and has also been used to calculate the presumed position of the island.


A device that produces fire. In the land of Eden no Ori. You can also do the old fashion way by rubbing two stick causing to smoke and then fire comes out.

Mariya's Lighter

When the Megatherium Americanums were standing in his way. Akira Sengoku had no choice, but to light a torch and throw it at the fuel tank by the wingspan. It caused a big explosion. When Oomori got stabbed by Arita, Mariya checked up on her. He asked Miina to take out sewing matherial and a lighter out of his bag. Mariya asked Miina to disinfect the needle with the lighter and to suture the wound of Oomori.


A map is a visual representation of an area.
Map Many of the survivors mapped out the surrounding areas on the island.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies to help aid inside the plane.

Medical Supplies

Kanako was able to retrieve medical supplies from the plane.


It amplifys the user's voice. The user's voice can be heard from far away.


Masaru Tsuchiya was using the megaphone to inform the passengers that they made contact with Japan. Help was on their way.


A small black book useful for making notes and is easy to carry along.

Yamaguchi's Notebook Takeashi used his notebook to map out the surrounding area around the School Camp.


Pan is used to cook food or boil water above a campfire.

Sengoku's Pan

During campfires students bring out their pans to cook something. It is a bit mystery why students take pans to school trip, but the students probably took it with them from the airplain.


Paper is a thin material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon, drawing or for packaging.

Miina's Paper


A photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface
Arita's Photo Hikari gave Kouhei a photo of him, Rion and Akira during their trip in Guam. At the Cursed Mountain Rei revealed her photo with her brother on a wheelchair.


A Rope is a object made of fibres, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling and connecting. It is a lot stronger than Ivy Rope found in the jungle.


When Sengoku's Group hit a dead end in the limstone cavern, Akira Sengoku decided to climb over to the other side and bound to the rope the other side so that the others could safely climb over.

Sewing Kit

A sewing kid that contains a thread and a needle. The sewing materials can be used to fix up damaged clothes or to suture a wound.
Sewing Kit

Rion repaired her skirt when she reunited with Akira.

When Oomori got stabbed by Arita, Mariya checked up on her. He asked Miina to take out sewing matherial and a lighter out of his bag. Mariya asked Miina to disinfect the needle with the lighter and to suture the wound of Oomori.

Sketch Book

A drawing book that belongs to Isurugi Miina, containing drawings of Extinct Animals.
Miina's Sketch Book

Student Handbook

A handbook is a type of reference work, or other collection of instructions, that is intended to provide ready reference.
Matsuki's Student Handbook

Swim Ring

A swim ring is a toroid-shaped water toy.
Miina's Swimming Ring


A piece of cloth which has both of its ends tied to a tree.


As Akira Sengoku and Oomori Kanako were captured by the Yakuza gang and were brought to their camp. After that Akira looked around the camp and noticed that the adults lived in Tents, Swings and a house look-alike. Isurugi Miina (Fake) lived in the house look-alike, while the others lived in small shelters.


A tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabrick or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope.


Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a lightweight paper or, light crepe paper.

Tissue Paper

Sakuma Yuki and Rion Akagami separated from the group for a while. They marked the trail by placing tissue paper on the ground. Unknown to them, a Lystrosaurus ate the tissue paper up after they placed it down.

Video Camera

It can take pictures, videos and sounds from the surrounding.

Video Camera

Morita Makoto seems to have multiple video camera's during the trip to Guam. One of them he filmed the whole whole trip in Guam and the incident after the plane landed on the island.

While Morita's Group was at the top of the mountain. Morita Makoto used the camera to capture a weird Tower on picture. It is decided they should investigate and headed that way.

Useful Materials

Ivy Rope

An Ivy Rope is made of a length of fibres, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling and connecting. It is still a lot weaker than an average Rope.

Ivy Rope

Akira Sengoku was captured by Hades and bound with an ivy rope found in the jungle.


Leaves are an above-ground plant organ specialized for the process of photosynthesis. It can be use in various forms.


On the second night Akira Sengoku, Kanako Oomori and Shirou Mariya made a leaves bed to sleep. When Motoko Kurusu got sick, Sengoku's Group put her on a leaves bed to recover.

Nerium Oleander

A plant is commonly found in Japan that releases a poisonous smoke when burned.

Nerium Oleander

Nerium Oleander was seen when Saji, Miyauchi and Mariya where being chased by a group of Gigantopithecus. Mariyanotices a lot of meganeura corpses lying in one place and deduces that the meganeura died because of the poison in the leaves. This gives Mariya the idea to burn the bushes of the plant. Setting it on fire produces a lot of smoke that fills the forest with poisounous gas.This causes lots of animals fleealong with the Gigantopithecus.


Rocks are fractured, smaller bits of a stone.

Sengoku's Rock2

Akira Sengoku used a rock to carve an arrow point on tree to search and map the unknown area. Rocks were also used as a weapon in a fight against Diathryma. After Akira Sengoku and Oomori Kanako were thrown into a tent after being interogating by Isurugi Miina (Fake) and were told to stay there and not to escape. Soon however someone seemed to be approaching their tent and Akira grapped a rock to defend themselves against adults who turned out to not be part of Isurugi's gang.


It is a hard and flammable object that can be use in various forms.

Sengoku's wooden staff

When Akira Sengoku encountered the Diatryma for the second time, he was using a wooden staff to defend himself.

At the first night Akira Sengoku, Shirou Mariya and Oomori Kanako made a small Campfire by using the pieces of wood around them.

Useful Tools


A bowl is a common open-top container used in many cultures to serve food, and is also used for drinking and storing other items
Tooru's bowl


Campfire is used to give out heat and provide some light at nights.


At the first night Akira Sengoku, Shirou Mariya and Kanako Oomorimade a small Campfire by collecting woods around them and lighting them. On the first night the survivors of the plane made some small Campfires and on the second night they made a large bonfire for the supposed rescue party to see them. However, it also attracted the Andrewsarchus from the jungle and caused it to attack them.


Cane is often used to make walking sticks and "hospital canes".
Sengoku's Cane

Digging Tools

Sengoku's Group have no digging tools to excavate the surrounding area around The Tower. So they use their Axes and other tools to do that.

Oomori's Pickaxe

Fishing Rod

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a long, flexible length, used to catch fish
Kouichi's Fishing Rod

Pile of Rocks

Morita Makoto uses piles of rocks as a symbol that he has been there. He also used it to give Akira a message, 'No way out'

Morita's Pile of Rocks


A shovel is a tool for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials.


Kouichi Yarai couldn't find any clues from Ono's body. After he was done with it. Yarai and Akira Sengoku used shovels to dig a grave and buried Ono into it. It is assumed they did that too for Mikoshiba and Itou.


A stretcher is a medical device used for short-term carrying of patients who require medical care.


A torch is a fire source, usually a rod-shaped piece of wood with a rag soaked in pitch and/or some other flammable material wrapped around one end.


When the Megatherium Americanums were standing in his way. Akira Sengoku had no choice, but to light a torch and throw it at the fuel tank by the wingspan. It caused a big explosion. When Ono died from the illness, Kouichi Yarai lit a Torch to exam his body. He didn't find any causes from the outside. He suspected the illness showed symptoms in the inside.



A sharpened rock, or similar object, which is tied with a rope on a wooden stick.

Hades' Axe Axes have been used throughout the manga serie. They have been used to fight with the animals on the island. All of them are man-made on the island.


Bola is a throwing weapon, made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, designed to capture animals by entangling their legs.


Kouhei Arita saw it once on tv before. So he decided to make one up. It worked on the first try throwing at an Alectroenas Nitidissima. His group was very impressed of their leader and his skill.

Bow & Arrows

A bow is a flexible arc that shoots aerodynamic projectiles (arrows or quarrels, sometimes stones) by means of elastic energy. Miki Imazono is trained in archery.

Bow & Arrows

Mikoshiba, Itou and Ono were fooling around with a baby Megaladapis Edwardsi. They were shooting the baby with arrows. Above them the Megaladapis Edwardsi adults were set to attack. Luckly Kouichi Yarai saved them before they were killed.


A weapon made out of a stick. It can be used to kill or hurt someone.


When Miina Isurugi (Fake) drew on the Flag of class 3-6 she made Takashi's Group really angry. That evening she went to the toilet and got attacked by the teachers of the group. She got hit really hard on her head which made her unconscious.


A coin is a piece of metall that is standardized in weight and is produced in large quantities in order to facilitate trade and primarily is used as a legal tender token for commerce in the designated country, region, or territory.

Yarai's Coin

When Akira Sengoku was about outnumber by the Megaladapis Edwardsis. Kouichi Yarai hit his coins at the Megaladapis Edwardsis and save Akira and his boys.


A hand grenade is any small bomb that can be thrown by hand

Kendo Stick

The shinai is meant to represent a Japanese sword (katana) and is made up of four bamboo slats, which are held together by leather fittings.
Hikime's Kendo Stick


A key is an instrument that is used to operate a lock. On the island Kouichi Yarai used his keys as a weapon.

Yarai's Keys

When the Megaladapis Edwardsis were about to attack members of Kouichi Yarai's group, he pulled out his keys and defended himself and the group.


A knife is any cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with or without a handle

Arita's knife

When the passengers found out the pilot had lied to them about the radio. Masaru Tsuchiya was stabbed with a knife by Kouhei Arita. When they were on the plane, Rion Akagami used a knife to cut some fruits in half. Ono stole a knife from the storehouse in the plane. With that knife they were able to cut the meat off the deer-like animal.


A weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents
Muramatsu's Mace


A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head.

Sengoku's Spear Spears have been used throughout the manga serie. All of them are man-made on the island.


Time Bomb

Time Bomb

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