First Appearance:

Chapter 102

Other name:





An Lighthouse with unusual lots of rooms. It lies south-east of the island. Kouichi Yarai estimates about 15 meter high and has 6 floors. Around the area lives the Rodhocetus.

Visited by

Kouichi's Group


  • Ground floor. The entrance door is black rusted shut. It appeared the floor was flooded numerous times. It has at least 5 rooms and in the middle of the hall there is a staircase to the top.
  • 1st floor. 6 rooms. All the doors are locked.
  • 2nd floor. 6 rooms. All the doors are locked.
  • 3rd floor. 2 or 3 rooms. Kouichi's Group found a Key that lead to a room 303. Inside the room there is a desk, high-tech equiments, an aquarium and a Map on the wall.
  • 4th floor. 6 rooms. All the doors are locked.
  • 5th floor. Rooftop. It was almost empty, except a bell jar and a barrel with a mummified Jennifer Hackmen inside.


Lighthouse arc

Tower of Death arc

On chapter 174, it has been revealed that it used to call "Spiral".

  • Rooftop
  • Room 303
  • Kouichi's Group found a map of the island.

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