The Building

First Appearance:

Chapter 168

Other name:





Visited by

Nishikiori's Group, Kouichi's Group, Makoto's Group and Akira's Group


The School is divided into 3 buildings and 2 side smaller buildings: 3 main buildings have 4 floors and connected to each other above first floor.

Left Building:

  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor

Center Building:

  • First Floor: Entrance, Dining room, 1st Storehouse, 2nd Storehouse, 3rd Storehouse, Fuel Room and staircase.
  • Second Floor: Residential Area with 16 smaller rooms and staircase.
  • Third Floor: Residential Area with 5 large rooms for Supervisor of each tower and staircase. One of the room is called Raika Island Supervisor.
  • Fourth Floor. Memorial Hall.

Right Building:

  • First Floor. It has a large main hall, reception room, a bar, toilets beneath the stairs. A table is found with the model of the island. All the doors won't open due to pressure of the weight of the floors above.
  • Second Floor. An empty picture frame above the stairs. The stairs to the third floor is blocked. Inside the church room there is a mystery vial hidden inside a piano.
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor

Upper smaller Building: Lower smaller Building:

A wall surrounds the Building. Miina's Group found a flat helicopter outside the wall.


Tower of Death arc

Past, Present and Future arc

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