Restoration of Propleopus

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Pleistocene
Living Period 1 million - 10.000 years ago
Region Australia
Size Weight: 70 kg
First Appearance Chapter 93


Propleopus is an extinct genus of marsupial. Two species are known, P. chillagoensis from the Plio-Pleistocene and P. oscillans from the Pleistocene. The “carnivorous” kangaroo might seem to indicate that it hunted, it merely means that it could eat meat. Studies of the fossils of this large rat-kangaroo suggest that it was an opportunistic carnivore and ate insects, vertebrates, fruits and soft leaves. We have, in our illustration drawn him eating a large birds egg, (perhaps belonging to the Mihirung) which he might have been able to steal. The kangaroo-like Propleopus might have weighed 70 or so kilograms while the rat-kangaroos of today are only 3 or 4 kilos in weight. To call him a carnivore is not so bizarre when you think that the modern Musky Rat-kangaroo eats insects and the Burrowing Bettong sometimes scavenge sheep carcasses. Propleopus all had large shearing and very stout grinding teeth so would have been able to cope with some meat in their diet. Whether they hunted for it is not so certain on evidence.

Shirou's History Fact

The biggest of the killer kangaroos, the "Ekaltadeta". Some current day kangaroos are omnivores that feed on plants and insects, and the rest are herbivores. However, these ancient kangaroos had sharp fangs and powerful jaws. They were carnivores that would hunt down prey and tear them apart with their fangs.


Animal Battle arc

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