Restoration of Pristichampus

Era Cenozoic
Period Paleocene – Eocene
Living Period 55 - 38 million years ago
Region North America and Europe
Size Length: 3 m
Synonyms Limnosaurus, Orthogenysuchus, Weigeltisuchus, Boverisuchus (former) Planocrania (former)
First Appearance Chapter 65


Pristichampsus ("saw crocodile") is an extinct genus of pristichampsid crocodylian that grew to approximately three metres in length.
Pristichampsus had heavily armoured skin, and long limbs suggesting a cursorial (i.e. running) habitus. It also had hoof-like toes, suggesting that it lived more on land than in the water, and that it therefore probably hunted terrestrial mammals. Pristichampsus's teeth were ziphodont; i.e., laterally compressed, sharp, and with serrated edges. Due to their similarity to those of certain theropod dinosaurs they were initially mistaken for theropod teeth, leading paleontologists to believe that some non-avian dinosaurs survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event.

Shirou's History Fact

An ancient crocodile that was adapted to hunting on land. Its long legs made it agile on the ground, making it a ferocious predator that would chase down land mammals who would then become its prey.


Mami the Clairvoyant arc

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