This page will form our predictions or guesses what will to come in the future chapters. This means beyond the japanese chapters. i.e.

  1. Rion Akagami and Akira Sengoku will reunite with their bestfriend [[Rion's Friend], [Rion's Friend]], Akira's Friend and Katsuragi since they are mentioned throughtout the serie.
  • Akira finally reunites with his best friend Katsuragi in chapter 113.
  1. A group might head straight to the unknown 'Building' on the map.
  2. They could be SPIRAL agents on board the plane.
  3. By my count we have seen the fate about 200 out of 300 passengers. Will we see the last 100 passengers' fate before the serie ends.
  4. I think the serie will end between volume 20 and 50. They have stayed on the island for 3 months already.(see Timeline)
  5. Kouichi Yarai will solve the mysteries of the island or die trying.
  6. Serie 'Lost' and Manga 'Eden no Ori', Lost island and Lost island, Dharma and SPIRAL.
  7. Manga spin-off series like Eden no Ori - Hades or Eden no Ori - Kouichi or Eden no Ori - Watanabe.
  8. A fifth building with a pier. A boat needs to dock from a pier to the Lighthouse. #Found another crash plane on the island. This might not be the first time it happens.
  9. They encounter other people who are not on the plane.

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