First Appearance

Chapter 1




Dainichi Airlines Flight #351 is the name of the plane that flies into The Island. It carries about 195 students, 10 teaching staff and 115 ordinary passengers onboard. Flight crews contains about 2 pilots and unknown numbers of Cabin Attendants.

Visited by

Passengers and Flight Crew



Masaru Tsuchiya was the pilot and command of the plane. His Co-pilot was his backup. The cockpits contains many flight instruments including a radio. There are 3 exits at the cockpit. One leads to the passenger fuselage. The other leads to the crew room and lastly in case of an emergency, they can escape through a chute.

Passenger Fuselage

The fuselage is divided in 3 section. The upper section houses the VIP and the crew rest room. In the crew rest room has four beds. The middle section contains the main passengers of the flight. And the lower section is the cargo hold. There are 3 emergency exits from the passenger fuselage: Front, Middle and Aft.

Cargo Hold

During the flight the cargo hold is restricted. At the front passenger fuselage there is an entrance to the cargo room. The docking crews used the cargo room door for loading. In case of an emergency there is a manual exit door on the back.


Wonderful World arc

Dainichi Airlines Flight #351 was flying from Guam to Japan when it landed on The Island. After they landed on the island, the passengers stayed in the area for two days before they were forced to leave their thome. On the third day Akira Sengoku and his group found the plane and stayed overnight. At that night a group of Megatherium Americanum attacked the plane. Akira was forced to set the wing engine on fire and eventually blown out the plane.

Raft arc

The plane was briefly mentioned when Kazuma Saji recalls the time when Andrewsarchus attacked and ate Miyazaki.

Pyramid arc

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