Restoration of Notharctus

Era Cenozoic
Period Early Eocene – Middle Eocene
Living Period 50 – 47 million years ago
Region Europe and North America
Size Length: 40 cm;
First Appearance Chapter 1

Notharctus are a type of extinct lemur-species that appear as a minor animal throughout the series.


Notharctus was an early primate that inhabited Europe and North America 50 million years ago. Modern lemurs evolved from primates similar to this genus. The body form of Notharctus is similar to that of modern lemurs. Unlike lemurs, however, Notharctus had a shorter face and forward-facing eyes surrounded by an enclosed circle of bone. Its fingers were elongated for clamping onto branches, including the development of a thumb. Its spine is flexible, like the living lemurs, and the animal was about 40 centimetres in length, excluding the long tail. It probably ate fruits and insects. The lineage that includes Notharctus, the Adapiformes, is extinct; the last representative, Sivaladapis, died out during the late Miocene. There were at least five different Notharctus species. Fossils from at least seven other potential species have also been discovered.

Shirou's History Fact

Belongs to the Adapiformes group. They're ancestors of the monkey. It lived up in trees and could grab things. It was quick and nimble with its tail and limbs. It also seemed to be intelligent.


Wonderful World arc

Notharctus is first seen awaking Akira Sengoku as it's seen grabbing his nose and pinching it to awake him. After awkaing Akira, it was highly startled and quickly ran of into the forest area. It is later seen climbing a tree when Akira's Group found out that the island they are on does not exist on the map.


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