Mr. Lucky






Ch 115

Mr. Lucky is Saki Segawa's pet Anomalochelys, who travels within her backpack.



As an animal, not much is known about him. Mr Lucky appears to be docile and friendly. Being a herbivore with not apparent claws, fangs or the like for attack reflects his tame nature. Mr. Lucky is very intelligent (and cute) as he can understand human speech. This is shown when Saki first finds him and thinks about eating where he pulls pleading and horrified expressions to suit the flow of her conversation and also when Saki asks Kouichi Yarai if he was angry at her, Mr Lucky looks up curiously then turns to look through the grass as if to mind his own business.



Pyramid arc

Mr. Lucky was first met when Kouichi's Group was travelling away from the Pyramid.

Bitter and angry at the closeness between Kouichi and Motoko Kurusu, Saki picks up Mr. Lucky and considers cooking and eating it while Mr Lucky reacts with humurous expressions of horror and fear, apparently ending as she sets it down, passing it off as a joke, while it surprisingly esapes speedily.

When Kouichi's Group stay at the Pyramid, it is shown that she keeps him as a pet. She attaches a string to Mr. Lucky and walks him. After an argument (one-sided) with Kouichi, she hurries off at such a speed that Mr. Lucky is yanked into the air.

On another conversation between Saki and Kouichi, Mr. Lucky pulls an expression to accompany the conversation while looking through the grass.


  • His nickname is given by Saki Segawa
  • He is the second Extinct Animal mentioned which has a name.
  • He is the only animal on the island which is being kept as a pet.
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