Limestone Cavern
Limestone Cavern

First Appearance

Chapter 28




A large cave with extensive tunnels underground, where lives several different species, eg. Cyclotosaurus, Gerrothorax, Kannemeyeria and Lystrosaurus.

Visited by

Kouhei's Group, Akira Sengoku, Rion Akagami, Shirou Mariya, Kanako Oomori, Miina Isurugi (Fake) and Kazuma Saji


Loss Brain arc

Kouhei's Group was led by Kouhei Arita into the cavern. Kouhei was hurt by his head. After that he started to kill his classmates. Yuki Sakuma escaped from his killing attempt. Once outside she inlisted Akira's Group to rescue her group. When Akira's Group arrived inside the cavern, they discovered more dead bodies and the culprit was none other than Kouhei himself. During that night water rains fell inside and caused flashflood. Both groups had to escape before the flood reach them.

Pyramid arc

The Limestone Cavern was mentioned again when Miina Isurugi (Fake) suggested the face on the walls were man-made.

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