Land Marks
Name Information Picture
Jungle The place where the plane safely landed was in the jungle. It is filled with extinct wild animals and flora. Akira's Group encounter many dangers from the animals, fruits, and people from the plane. Jungle
Plane The plane that carries Akira Sengoku and his fellow students and teachers from Guam to Japan. It safely landed on the island with the skill from the pilot Masaru Tsuchiya. The plane was destroyed when Akira had no choice but to burn the plane in order to save his friends. Plane2
Lake The lake where Akira's Group and Kazuma Saji's Group were trying to cross over in search for help, mistaking the lake for an ocean. It was only revealed towards the conclusion of the volume that the "ocean" is but a lake connected to the real ocean. Ocean
Cave Akira's Group encouter many caves throughout the jungle. Mostly are unoccupied, either by humans or natural inhabitants. They frequently use caves as a temporary means of shelter. Cave
Limestone Cavern Under the island is a Limestone Cavern that go miles deep. It is unknown how deep it is. Akira's Group encounters extinct cave dwellers here. Cappadocia
River Throughout the journey of Akira's Group, they make pitstop at the river to recover and rest. It could also use to get away from the extinct animals. River
School After wandering endlessly in the jungle a group decided to make a permanent camp. A School Camp for them to take refuge from the animals and beacon for other survivors to join them. Akira's Group eventually finds and joins them. School
Rocky Cliff A rocky cliff formation is in close proximity to the School Camp . Dire Dirus inhabit this formation. The location is very perilious. Due to the nature of the ground, a fall could be fatal. Rocky Cliff
Cursed Mountain The mountain is a 2-3 days journey from School Camp. It was later revealed by Kouichi Yarai to be manmade, due to the numerous minerals one could find on it, which is an unnatural phenomenom. Cursed Mountain
Primitive Jungle After leaving the mountain, Akira's Group encounters a primitive jungle. However, this location is an ideal location for Gigantopithecus. Unaware of their existance, the group follows markers supposedly left by Makoto Morita. Huge jungle
Swamps Bottomless swamps, claimed most of Mami's Group, who encountered it the most. Swamp
The Tower It lies at the geographic center of the island. Its function has not been revealed yet. It was discovered by Makoto as he looked through his camera from the tip of the Mountain. Obelisk
Lighthouse The Lighthouse lies at the south-eastern side of the island. It was discovered by Kouichi's Group. It contained a map that reveals the secrets of the island. Lighttower
Pyramid The map of island indicate there is a Pyramid structure on the island. It lies north-east on the island. The function of the pyramid is yet to be revealed. Piramide
Building The last manmade structure derived from the map resembles a modern building. It lies north-west on the island.
The Building

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