Isurugi's Logo
Isurugi Corporation
First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 22


The corporation owns cars, banks, real estate... By the hundreds, everything' related to companies has crossed over to the Great Corporation. Miina Isurugi is his heiress to his empire. Yoshimi Isurugi is the CEO of the corporation.


Adult Camp arc

The corporation was mentioned by Shinzou Karino when Akira Sengoku asks who Miina Isurugi (Fake) supposed to be.

Animal Battle arc

Hideo Igarashi recalled his visit at the Isurugi's mansion, where many international and national VIPs were invited to see the CEO Yoshimi Isurugi.


  • There was a mistranslation in the manga: Zaibatsu Isurugi is not a person, but it actually means Isurugi Corporation/Empire.

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