Restoration of Ictitherium

Era Cenozoic
Period Middle Miocene - Early Pliocene
Living Period 12.7 - 5.3 million years ago
Region Eurasia and Africa
Size Length: 1.2 m
First Appearance Chapter 62


Ictitherium is an extinct genus belonging to the family Hyaenidae and the subfamily Ictitheriinae erected by Trouessart in 1897. Ictitherium species were endemic to Eurasia and Africa during the Middle Miocene through the Early Pliocene (12.7 - 5.3 mya) and existed approximately 7.4 million years. Ictitherium were around 1.2 metres long, and looked more like civets than modern hyenas, possessing a long body with short legs. Judging from the teeth, they were insectivores. Ictitherium was a very successful and abundant genus, with multiple fossils often often being found at a single site. Possibly, this early hyena genus lived in packs and had a social order, much like its modern descendants.

Shirou's History Fact

One of the most widely spread predators back in those days. They possessed advanced sociality and lived and hunted in herds.


Fight or Flight arc

A pack of Ictitherium was attacking Kouichi Yarai. He defended himself using his Keys and his legs.

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