Restoration of Hyracotherium

Era Cenozoic
Period Early Eocene – Mid Eocene
Living Period 55 - 45 million years ago
Region Asia, Europe, and North America
Size Length: 60 cm; Height 20 cm; Weight: 25 kg
Synonyms Eohippus
First Appearance Chapter 1


Hyracotherium ("Hyrax-like beast"), also known as Eohippus or the dawn horse, is an extinct genus of very small perissodactyl ungulates that lived in the woodlands of the northern hemisphere, with species ranging throughout Asia, Europe, and North America during the early Tertiary Period and the early to mid Eocene Epoch, about 55-45 million years ago with the earliest fossil specimen found at the Tsagan Khushu Quarry 1 site, Mongolia averaging about 60 cm in length and weighing around 15–16 kg. This small, dog-sized animal is the oldest known horse and was once considered to be the earliest known member of Equidae before the type species was reclassified as a palaeothere, of a perissodactyl family related to both horses and brontotheres.

Shirou's History Fact

The original horse, also known as the Eohippus (or dawn horse). Lived in the forest and ate the soft leaves off trees. This horse-like creature had strong hind legs to run away from any nearby predators.


Wonderful World arc

When Akira Sengoku was drinking at the riverside, a pack of Hyracotherium was seen drinking too nearby.

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