Restoration of Hypsognathus

Era Mesozoic
Period Late Triassic
Living Period 215 - 200 million years ago
Region New Jersey
Size Length: 33 cm
First Appearance Chapter 112


Hypsognathus ('high jaw') is an extinct genus of anapsid reptile from the late Triassic period of New Jersey.
Hypsognathus resembled a moderately sized lizard, with a length of 33 centimetres, although it was unrelated to modern lizards. Because of its broad teeth, Hypsognathus is thought to have been a herbivore. Its body was low, broad and had a relatively short tail. Hypsognathus had some spikes on the back of its head, probably for protection against predators.

Shirou's History Fact

Information will be released at Volume 13


Pyramid arc

Akira's Pyramid Party set off to search for the Pyramid. Along the way a Hypsognathus was seen sitting on a rock.

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