Restoration of Hyaenodon

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Eocene - Early Miocene
Living Period 42 - 15.9 million years ago
Region North America, Europe, Asia and Africa
Size Length 1,1-3m; Height: 0,3-1,7m; Weight 230-500kg
First Appearance Chapter 26


Hyaenodon ("hyaena-toothed") is an extinct genus of Hyaenodonts, a group of carnivorous creodonts of the family Hyaenodontidae endemic to all continents except South America, Australia and Antarctica, living from 42-15.9 mya, existing for approximately 26.1 million years.

Some species of this genus were amongst the largest terrestrial carnivorous mammals of their time; others were only of the size of a marten. Hyaenodon was one of the latest genera of the Hyaenodonts and is known from the Late Eocene to Early Miocene. Remains of many species are known from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa (In 1993 42 species were distinguished). Typical of early carnivorous mammals, the Hyaenodon had a very massive skull but only a small brain. It had a long skull with a narrow snout - much larger in relation to the length of the skull than in canine carnivores, for instance. Its neck was shorter than its skull, while its body was long and robust and terminated in a long tail. Despite the name, these creatures are not related to hyenas.

Shirou's History Fact

A strong carnivore belonging to a different family from that of dogs and cats, i.e. thee creodont family. A ferocious predator with heightened sights, smell and canine teeth. It would sprint up and hunt animals larger than itself. As it lived in the same period and areas as the Entelodon, they may have actually fought against each other for prey.


Adult Camp arc

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