Restoration of Gerrothorax

Era Mesozoic
Period Late Triassic
Living Period 230 and 200 million years ago
Region Sweden
Size 1m long
First Appearance Chapter 29


Gerrothorax ("Wicker Chest") is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian from the Triassic period of Sweden. Gerrothorax was about 1 metre long, and had a remarkably flattened body. It probably hid under sand or mud on river and lake bottoms, scanning for prey with its large, upward-facing eyes. Gerrothorax had an unusually shaped skull with angular protrusions on the sides. This looked vaguely similar to the skull of the earlier, unrelated, amphibian Diplocaulus, but was not so developed. Fossils have shown that Gerrothorax was pedomorphic, retaining its larval gills as an adult. This is also seen in some modern-day salamanders, such as the mudpuppy, the axolotl, and the olm. Gerrothorax had three pairs of external gills allowing it to breathe under water.

Shirou's History Fact

Gerrothorax inhabited the earth during the Triassic period. Its name comes from latin meaning 'a tough or sturdy' (Gerro) and 'chest' (Thorax).


Brain Loss arc

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