Restoration of Eumegamys

Era Cenozoic
Period late Miocene - Pliocene
Living Period 11 Million - 2 Million years ago
Region South America
Size 50cm long including his head
Synonyms Eumegamys
First Appearance Chapter 1


Shirou's History Fact

The world's biggest rodent. It's about the size of a present-day hippopotamus. It's said that Eumegamys may have lived in the water, or spent part of its life in the water. However further details are unknown.


Wonderful World arc

While Akira Sengoku was looking for his classmates after the crash he stumbled on an Eumegamys. He thought it was a beaver and followed it as he believed it would take him to water as beevers generally build dams. The Eumegamys had successfully lead him to a pond of water and is later seen drinking out of it.

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