Canis Dirus


Alive, DfMS


Chapter 39

He is called by the exploration group Ernest (アーネスト, Ānesuto). He lives south-west from the school camp. He is a alpha wolf. He commands at least 12 wolves and a female.


He is bigger than the average wolves in his group. He has a scar on his face. Probably a fight with the Arctodus Simus leaving a mark. His fur is a bit darker than the group.


He is the leader of a wolfpack Canis Dirus. His nickname came from a true story told by Takashi Yamaguchi. It was a story that happened in America during the 19th century. It was recorded in Ernest T. Seton's "Wild Animals I have known". Later Takashi gave the alpha wolf the nickname Ernest for his act saving the exploration party's lives. He seems very smart to observe what Akira Sengoku was doing to the Arctodus Simus. Causing his pack to win over the group of anicent bears .


It seems he has no desire to hunt human in his territory. It could be that it was not the first time he encounters human. In fact, judging by attitude toward humans, it is possible he had a rather positive encounter with humans before, making him think humans are rather allies than preys or enemies.


School arc

He and his pack have been watching the school camp for a while. Since Takashi's Group just come in their territory and build a 'school' camp. When Miina Isurugi (Fake) was left out there by the teachers Kawai and Fujimoto his pack went in for the kill. For unknown reason Ernest recalled his pack without hurting Miina and return to the forest.

Exploration Party arc

A group of wolves has taken the belonging of the trio Kotomi Kawana, Rei Ooguro and Tooru Rinzai. They were luring them into a trap. They were about to spring the trap. A group of Arctodus Simus came also in their trap.
Ernest calling for help

Ernest calling for help

While facing a defeat Ernest saw what Akira did with a Arctodus Simus, hitting the bear's nose with a rock. After that he instructed his pack to do the same. Soon after the pack Arctodus Simus left the area.

When Akira and Kotomi were lying down the cliff he went and called for help from Akira's friends. Luckly enough they were smart and followed him to save Akira.


  • His nickname is given by Takashi Yamaguchi.
  • It is the first time that a Extinct Animal has a name for it.
  • Ernest is also a first animal on island to aid humans rather than hunt them.
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