Restoration of Entelodon

Era Cenozoic
Period Early Eocene - Oligocene
Living Period 37.2 Million - 28.4 Million years ago
Region Europe, Eurasia, Asia
Size Height: 2.1m tall, 3m long and weight: 1000kg
Synonyms Elotherium
First Appearance Chapter 21


Entelodon is a typical entelodont, in that it was a cow-sized bunodont artiodactyl with a large, pig-like head with tremendous teeth and wart-like tubercules on the mandibles. It is one of four entelodont genera native to Eurasia, the other two being the primitive Eoentelodon of late Eocene China, Proenteledon of middle Eocene Mongolia and the gigantic Paraentelodon of mid to late Oligocene Central Asia.

Shirou's History Fact

Similiar to the modern day pig with a strong body and large head. It lived in groups in the forest, plains, etc. There's a protrusion on its cheek and lower jaw. It is thought that this was either where its jaw muscle was or that it was there to make it look more threatening. It was a wild animal, with evidence of injuries found in its fossils. Its neck muscles were as strong as a crocodile's, enabling it to even chew through bone.


Adult's Camp arc

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