Restoration of Diatryma

Era Cenozoic
Period late Paleocene - Eocene
Living Period 56–40 Million Years Ago
Region North America, Western-Central Europe
Size Height: 2m
Synonyms Barornis, Diatryma, Omorhamphus, Ornithoformipes, Ornitholithus
First Appearance Chapter 2


Diatryma (Gastornis parisiensis) measured on average 1.75 metres tall, but large individuals grew up to 2 metres tall. While most depictions of Gastornis depict it as an apex predator, it had none of the traits associated with birds like Phorusrhacos and Titanis such as sharp toes and a hooked beak. On top of this,a 2014 analysis of the bones showed that Gastornis led a herbivorous lifestyle.
The plumage of Gastornis is unknown; it is generally depicted with a hair-like covering as in ratites, but this is conjectural. Some fibrous strands recovered from a Green River Formation deposit at Roan Creek, Colorado were initially believed to represent Gastornis feathers and named Diatryma filifera. Subsequent examination showed that they were actually not feathers at all but plant fibers or similar.

Shirou's History Fact

The Diatryma (now known as the Gastornis) is a prehistoric bird that flourished right after the extinction of the dinosaurs. The bird had degenerated wings, meaning that it couldn't take flight. With a large head and a hooked shaped beak, it could run at speeds of 70 km/hr. It hunted by dashing towards and kicking its prey. Back then, it was one of the most fearsome birds.


Wonderful World arc

After the crash, Akira Sengoku was looking for his class mates in the forrest. He heard sounds, that let him to an open field where he found a Diatryma. It had attacked flight attendant Kanako Oomori and Shirou Mariya. The Diatryma was taking Kanako to it's nest while Shirou tried to flee.

Akira saved Kanako from the Diatryma, who chased them afterwards. They managed to escape from the Diatryma.

Later on they met another Diatryma who was fighting with a Smilodon. The Diatryma lost and was killed by the Smilodon.

Cursed Mountain arc

Pyramid arc

A Diatryma model was seen at the bottom of the Pyramid.

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