Restoration of Cyclotosaurus

Era Mesozoic
Period Late Triassic
Living Period 230 Million - 200 Million years ago
Region Europe, Africa, Asia
Size 4m long
Synonyms C. robustus, C. posthumus, C. papilio, C. ebrachensis, C. hemprichi
First Appearance Chapter 29


Cyclotosaurus was a genus of temnospondyl amphibians that lived during the Triassic. These creatures had an extremely wide distribution. Fossils of them have been found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Cyclotosaurus is in the family Capitosauridae. These amphibians spent a substantial amount of time in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Fish were a very large portion of their diet. However, some of the Capitosaurs (especially large ones) are believed to have fed on tetrapods, including small reptiles and amphibians. The type species is Cyclotosaurus robustus. Fossils of it date to the Carnian Age (228 - 216.5 million years ago) of the Triassic. They have been discovered in the Schilfsandstein Formation in Germany. The pectoral girdle, identified for the first time in Cyclotosaurus, suggests that the genus was more fully adapted to an aquatic mode of life than was Paracyclotosaurus.

Shirou's History Fact

Inhabited the earth during the Trassic period. The largest one with its body length at 4 meters. Though an amphibian, it spend a majority of its time in the water. Being on land is a weak point of the Cyclotosaurus.


Brain Loss arc

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