Chimera II
Chimera II






Chapter 149


Chimera II is a mixed creatures that have different animals mixed together, but failing, resulting in the failed experiment. Its head had horns and its back leg looked like a wild goat.



Chimera II was one of the failed experiment produced by SPIRAL scientists. It was one of the two guardians protecting Miina's Tomb.


Failed Experiment arc

On Shirou Mariya's order Akira's Group had opened every trapdoors around The Tower. Because of that fresh air came into the underground beneath the trapdoors. Chimera II slowly awoke from its hibernation and was feeling hungry. It saw an opening and started to emerge outside. But it was pulled back inside by Kouhei Arita and fell down. On the ground Chimera II saw Kouhei. Chimera II attacked him with its horns. Kouhei managed to stop its horns from piercing him. Chimera II lifted him with and tossed him away. Kouhei landed on a nearby pile of bones. Chimera II charged against him and was hurt when Kouhei pierced its nose with a broken bone. Kouhei grabbed Chimera II by its nose and slammed it against the wall.

Chimera II formed a new strategy and ran toward the wall. It bounced against the wall and leaped toward Kouhei. Kouhei was sent crashing toward the ground. Chimera II continued its attack against Kouhei. It used the same tactic by bouncing against the wall and leaping toward Kouhei. But this time Kouhei stepped forward and counterattacked by hitting Chimera II's eye. With another fist Kouhei managed to blind Chimera II's other eye. Both Chimera II and Kouhei were exhausted from their fight, but they must continue until one of them is dead. In the end Chimera II was dead and Kouhei tore off one of its horn.


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