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Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Her Words Were True
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The base is once again being attacked by extinct animals. Both Miina and Miina are in danger. Akira has a plan to get rid of the animals forever.

Full Summary

Akira's Group are running from their lives from the Propleopuses. The Propleopus is about to attack both Miinas. Miina pushes real Miina down to avoid the attack. But Miina got hurt a bit. His eye vision starts to blurry again. Miina grabs Miina's hand and they run away from the Propleopus who is chasing after them. Akira comes back and saves them from the animal. Akira tells them he has taken down the other two animals. Miina requests Akira to take care of the Propleopus. Akira planned to use friendly fire to take them out. But he already took down the other two. Rei hears Rion's cry for help. Kanako is unconcious. Both Rion and Rei help Kanako up. Rion accidently trips, and Kanako's breasts falls off her uniform. They try to cover Kanako's breasts using their hands. Momoka hears a scream nearby. She turns and sees Asuka in danger. Holding Shuu's Keychain in her hand she reminds herself how she told Asuka to die instead of Shuu. Momoka saves Asuka in time when the Propleopus use its tail to attack her. Asuka is surprised that Momoka saves her. Momoka doesn't want Shuu to die in vain. Before they leave, Momoka wants to hear Asuka's song some day.

Everywhere else the group is hurt by the Propleopus. Akira watches his group falling down everywhere. Suddenly he has an idea. He calls everybody to follow after him. Everyone is confused, but they still follow after him. Akira grabs a rope and toses the end to Takashi. Akira's Group is running toward the entrance of the base. Shirou finally realises what Akira is planning to do. When Akira is close to his position, he orders everyone to lie down. The Propleopuses jump over the group and land at Akira's position. The ground shakes and turns upside down. It shallows Akira and the six Propleopuses inside the void. When the smoke clears, Akira's Group sees the Propleopuses no more. The group celebrates the victory. Seigou reminds everyone that Akira is inside too. Yuki points out the purpose of the rope. They open the trapdoor again and sees Akira holding on the rope. The group is glad to see Akira being alive.



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