Her Words Were True
Translated Title

Her Words Were True

English Title

Her Words Were True

Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Truth or Nonsense
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and Aya leave the base to find Kazunari. While they were gone, the Propleopus strikes back.

Full Summary

Akira and Aya wander around. Aya wonders if they are heading the right direction. Akira is sure Kazunari will head back to the river to face the animal where Shuu was attacked. Aya spots something and she points it out to Akira. Across the bush they see a pack of Titanis Walleri facing off with two Smilodons. Akira accidently steps on Kazunari's jacket. It has blood on it. He starts concering about his group and his faith on the island. Akira whispers his plan to Aya's ear. Aya agrees to it. They dash out from their bush and head toward the Titanis Walleris. Akira takes the left one while Aya the right one. He recalls his plan as he faces the Titanis Walleri head on. Using Miina's description he manages to come close to the bird and wounds the Titanis' leg. The Titanis Walleri falls down on its back. Akira turns to see Aya already takes two Titanis Walleris down. The fourth Titanis comes from Akira's back and attacks with its beak. Akira stumbles on the ground. Aya tells Akira to leave the bird to her. She dashes toward the last Titanis. At the last second she bounced against a tree to jump over the Titanis. Aya lands at the Titanis' rear. With one swift move she cut the Titanis Walleri's leg. Akira can't believe his eyes. All the sudden Akira hears a growl. The Smilodons have arrived to finish the kills on the Titanis Walleris. Akira knew it would happen according to Miina's discription. While the Smilodon sinks its teeth on the Titanis Walleri, Akira and Aya aim their weapons on the Smilodon's front teeth. The Smilodon howls from its lost teeth. Both Smilodons make a hasting retreat. Akira feels relieved that his plan works. Aya congradulates Akira for that. Aya admits she's never spoken to him at school, but she's sort of become interested in him. Kazunari comes out from a bush with a bloody nose. He was attacked by a Smilodon and the Titanis Walleri. Akira puts his arms around his friends and together they head toward the base.

On their way back Akira tells Kazunari about his plan against the Smilodons and the Titanis Walleris. Kazunari is impressed by his solution. They need another plan against the Propleopus. Akira wonders how Miina knew about the animals. Her descriptions about the animals are correct. They can see the base on the horizon. When they are close to the base, they find it noisy. Kazunari thinks the group is making homecoming party. Aya doesn't think so. Akira is shocked to see the base is overrun by the Propleopuses. The Miinas fall to the ground by the Propleopus. They watch with horror as the Propleopus comes closer to them.



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