Truth or Nonsense
Translated Title

Truth or Nonsense

English Title

Truth or Nonsense

Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Her Words Were True
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira asks Miina about her Sketch Book and why does she have some knowledge about the extinct animals of the island.

Full Summary

Everyone is applauding for Asuka's singing except Momoka. Shirou sees Akira is brooding about something. He is trying to come out with a plan of defeating the three extinct animals. The group tries to help out with idea of their own. Miina and the real Miina are sitting on the side listening to them. Miina describes weaknesses about the Titanis Walleri. Everyone stop talking and listening to her. Akira goes to her and browses her Sketch Book. She has drawn a lot of extinct animals in her book. Akira turns to the Propleopus' page and asks her about it. She describes some weaknesses and attributes. The same goes to Smilodon. Akira asks Shirou to check the information on his Laptop. The weaknesses of the animals aren't included in the encyclopedia. Akira is not sure if the girl was telling the truth. He has a plan to bring the animals down all at once. Rion protests Akira's plan. She is not sure whether Miina was telling the truth about the weaknesses of the animals. Only Akira can execute the plan. He can't explain it, but he knows he can't discard Miina's words.

Akira notices something. He asks where Kazunari went to. The group start to search for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Yasunori remembers Kazunari saying about wanted to do something by himself. Kazunari is walking alone at the nearby forest with a stick. He felt regret about the things he said. A Smilodon is hiding on top of a tree. It is about to jump at Kazunari. Akira grabs a Axe and headed out. He was stopped by Rion. She binds one of her ribbon to his finger, hoping he will return it later. Aya wants to come with him. Together they will find Kazunari.



  • Aya Tokiwa is one of the fastes track and field runners at the prefecture meet.

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