Translated Title


English Title


Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Captive Birds
Truth or Nonsense
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Another death has weaked the group. Everyone feel loss by it. Kanako has fallen ill.

Full Summary

Feeling the loss of Shuu, Akira orders the group to head back to camp. Upon return Asuka tells what happened to the rest of the group at The Tower. Shuu protected him while she ran back to camp. Momoka wants to know why she came back alone. She starts to lose her cool about Shuu. She prefers Asuka had died instead of him. Kanako comforts Momoka about her loss.

Shirou brings more bad news to Akira and Rion. The battle hasn't ended yet. They are still trapped and surrounded the extinct animals. He also tells about an unseen enemy. At the fence the Titanis Walleris has returned only to observce them and left after that. Kazunari starts to freak out and scary other people about getting eaten by the animals. Kanako checks Asuka how she was doing. Suddenly Kanako passes out in front of her. Kanako has a fever. Shirou reveals the unseen enemy to the group. They have been under an abnormal amount of emotional strain because of the extinct animals. Kazunari points out the Titanis Walleri has returned and this time they are inside the fence. They have no place to run this time. Kazunari says it'll be fine if they just let them eat someone. Everyone is stunned by his comment. Akira comes by and hit him on his face.

Asuka sits near Kanako's bed. She felt sorry about didn't bringing back any water. She prefers she died instead of Shuu. She doesn't have any unique traits like the rest of the group. She is at best singing. Kanako asks her to sing for her. While she sings, everyone nearby can hear her voice.



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