Captive Birds
Translated Title

Captive Birds

English Title

Captive Birds

Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Strong Will
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira, Maya and Seigou are trying to repel the Propleopus' attack. Two brave students are trying to get some supplies from a nearby river.

Full Summary

Akira, Maya and Seigou are under attack by the Propleopuses. Suddenly a Proplepus attacks Akira from behind. Maya tried to warn him, but it was too late. At The Tower, Rion hears something beyond the fence. She notices Akira and the others haven't returned yet. She wants to check it out. A group of students follow her to the fence. They notice the voices and sounds have stopped. At the entrance of the fence they see Maya and Seigou carrying Akira on his back. Akira got hit by the Propleopus and his head landed on the ground. Seigou tells the group they barely escaped thanks to the Smilodons and Titanis Walleris. The trio extinct animals started to fight each other over them. They were able to slip past them.

Akira's Group is surrounded by three extinct animals. Food and water are almost run gone. Shuu volunteers to get water from a nearby river. One of the least injured Asuka, volunteers to carry the backpack. Akira starts to wake up and overhears the group talking about Shuu and Asuka. Rion prevents him from getting up from his bed. Makoto comes by and tells Akira the real Miina knows a lot about the extinct animal living here including the Propleopus. Shuu and Asuka arrive at the river. Shuu will stand guard while Asuka get the water. Shuu hears a noise behind him. They see a shadow under the water. A Smilodon jumps out and Shuu calls Asuka to run.

Akira and some people are watching at the horizon for Shuu and Asuka. Asuka has returned alone and wounded. Momoka asks her about Shuu. Asuka doesn't say much only that he was protecting her. Momoka heads toward the river. Akira and the rest so follow after her. It's getting dark. Momoka finds Shuu's Keychain and a huge blood stain on the ground. Shirou suggests the group they should head back to camp.


DfMS Character

Shuu Hikime


  • Smilodon can swim under water.

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