Strong Will
Translated Title

Strong Will

English Title

Strong Will

Volume 11

Animal Battle Arc

Guess who's Coming to Dinner
Captive Birds
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is under attack by three extinct animals. Akira needs a plan to drive the animals away.

Full Summary

Akira sees as his group is under attack by groups of Titanis Walleri, Propleopus and Smilodon. Rion gets clawed by a Titanis. Akira comes to the rescue and frees her from the bird. Maya is fighting against a Propleopus, but the kangaroo is a lot stronger than her. The situation is getting worse at every minute. Everyone is losing the fight against the animals. Akira has a plan and heads toward somewhere. Tooru was defending himself against a Smilodon when he smells something. Smoke is spreading around the base. Akira has set a hut on fire. He orders everyone to gather around him. The animals are fleeing the base because of the smoke.

Akira's Group is resting from the attack and the fire. Most of them are injured from the animals. Akira gets up and makes a perimeter sweep. He sees Seigou not far from the burned hut. He has minor injuries, but his body is pretty strong. Seigou wonders what are they going to do next? Akira will not give up on this base. Recently he lost Kazuma because he was defending his friends against an entire enemy herd. He will do the same if the situation rises. Seigou thinks high about the kid. He notices something outside the fence. The Propleopuses has returned. They will defend the base. Maya is hurt, but she also wants to help. Now the trio will hold the animals back.



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