Guess who's Coming to Dinner
Translated Title

Guess who's Coming to Dinner

English Title

Guess who's Coming to Dinner

Volume 11

Animal Battle Arc

A Man-Made Mountain
Strong Will
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The group is working on fortifying around the mystery structure. But before they can finish, they are attacked by three different groups of animals.

Full Summary

Koyomi is working at the defensive wall. She is trying to tied up the rope. Seigou comes from behind and helps her out. Rion and Akira are glad to see Makoto and his group. With their help they build their base a lot easier. They notice they haven't encountered any animals since they got here. Shirou simply explains there isn't much food here, animals wouldn't come by. Kanako is running toward the trio. She reports the excavating team has discovered another relic. The third piece appears to be an arm. Yuki sees a pattern and places all three piece at the right place. The pieces turns out to be a statue of an angel. Akira knows for sure there is something hidden here at The Tower. He encourages everyone to work harder.

Outside the base, Yasunori, Ryouichi and Kazunari are slacking off in the forest. They are watching a video clip of Makoto's Video Camera. Ryouichi was watching a foreigner in her bikini when someone is behind him crying for help. He turns and sees a weird bird talking to him. A Titanis Walleri tries to eat Ryouichi up. Luckly Yasunori and Kazunari was there to free him from the animal's mouth. More Titanis Walleris are coming out from the forest and talking in a human voice. They retreat to the base.

Akira hears some cries coming from outside. Miina saw the birds and calls out their name before Shirou did. Akira notices the birds are talking. Shirou compares the Titanis as a parrot. Akira orders his group to stick together. He finds it odd that until now they haven't seen a single animal. Shirou is thinking the same. Someone call Akira for help. He turns around and see more animals are attacking the base. A pack of Propleopus is attacking Mami, Maya and Rei. More Propleopuses are jumping over the fence. Shirou finally sees why the animals suddenly come here. They are the new source of food. Akira hears another noise behind him. A third kind of animals have just arrived to greet them. A Smilodon groans.


Introducted Extinct Animals



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