A Man-Made Mountain
Translated Title

A Man-Made Mountain

English Title

A Man-Made Mountain

Volume 11

Lighthouse Arc, Animal Battle Arc

Place for Survive
Guess who's Coming to Dinner
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi's Group is trying to catch a fish for dinnner. Saki confesses her feeling for Kouichi to Motoko. An unknown animal is stalking Akira's Group.

Full Summary

Motoko finds it hard to believe that the mountain is man-made. Kouichi lectures how mountain is made in two ways. He has collected various rocks from many locations on the island. Motoko knows a few man-made mountains but they are not very big. Kouichi solves the mystery of the Cursed Moutain, but he couldn't find the answer to what purpose. The mountain would require enormous amount of money to be made. Kouichi finds it weird that Motoko didn't notice the various rocks of the island. Motoko is good with math instead of science. Saki looks very jealous of the close bond between Kouichi and Motoko.

Michika and Makiko watch as Kouichi catches something using a Fishing Rod from the ocean. Saki is trying to make a fire. Motoko helps her out. Saki wants to know if Motoko has feeling for Kouichi because she likes Kouichi. Motoko denies it and she is only her teacher. Saki storms out because she can't trust her as a woman. Motoko sees half naked Kouichi brings a fish-like to the campfire. While they were cooking the fish, Kouichi smiles at her. Rei is trying to seduce Seigou, but she has no effect on him. Rei even tries to talk Kanako into it. Seigou isn't turned on by her either. Hideo orders Shirou to hand him some water, but he refuses. He used to order employees around. Being a friendly guy, Tooru hands him a Bowl of water. In exchange, Hideo gives him his business Card. Rei interrupts their meeting. Akira sees his group is having fun and their new home is coming along. Not far from the defensive wall. A group of Titanis Walleri is observing the newcomers.


Introducted Survival Items

Fishing Rod, Card, Bowl

Introducted Extinct Animals

Fish-like, Titanis Walleri


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