Place for Survive
Translated Title

Place for Survive

English Title

Place for Survive

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc, Lighthouse Arc

A Man-Made Mountain
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group discover something on the ground near The Tower. It is a part of a bigger mystery. Kouichi's Group arrive at the oceanside of the island. Kouichi reveals something that will shock his group.

Full Summary

The girls are helping out with the digging. Seigou films the girls and gives them points for their looks. Akira hits him with a stick for slacking off the work. He was supposed in charge of supplying the materials for the defensive wall. Akira finds it odd that the monk could be slacking. Makoto gives Seigou's credit for his knowledge about burning the Nerium Oleander. Seigou used to work for the city council. But he was forced to leave because of his lolicon fetish grew out of control. Makoto is looking around the base. Everyone is building up a defensive wall. Makoto doesn't think they should settle down at one place. Shirou informs him that they don't have much time left. Because he estimates a third of the passengers already have died on the island. Akira wants to build a fortress where the leftover survivors can seek refuge. He requests Shirou if they leave the trapdoor alone. Akira thinks it may come in handy in the future.

Kanako, Miki, Asuka and some girl are excavating an area. Kanako hits something with her Digging Tools. It isn't the same as normal rock. More people are gathering around the mysterious rock. They wash it off with water. It reveals to be a head. Shizuka notices something and she takes it to the other relic they found before. She tosses near the wing relic. They both are from the same rock material and probably parts of a whole statue. It reminds Yuki to a statue from the Olmec Civilization. They liked building large statues. Akira and Yasunori feel relieved that they found man-made proof on the island. They will find a way to get home.

Kouichi's Group arrive on a beach. Saki finds some wreckage near them. Kouichi thinks the Raft was destroyed by a sea animal. They now know they can't escape from the sea. Kouichi wants to solve the island's mystery before leaving. He pulls a cloth out of his pocket. Inside the cloth there're several rocks he collected from the Cursed Mountain. The girls and Motoko see nothing special about the rocks. Kouichi reveals to them that the Cursed Mountain is man-made. The girls are shocked by the revealing.


Introducted Survival Items

Digging Tools


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