Especial Place
Translated Title

Especial Place

English Title

Especial Place

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc

Mouth of the Earth
Place for Survive
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Will Akira be able to save his missing friends? Shirou reveals more about the trap door.

Full Summary

Akira hears Rion's voice inside. Rion tells him that her group, Makoto's Group and Maya's group are inside too. They lower a Rope inside. Makoto is the first one to reach outside. Akira finally reunites with Makoto. Light is shining inside the trap door. Rion and the trapped people see animal bones lying on the ground. They climb up the rope one at the time. Rion and Seigou are the last ones to climb up. The rope suddenly breaks midway. Luckly Akira was nearby and grabs Seigou's arm. Akira came down via a second rope. Rion is relieved to see Akira. The trapped people are covered in dirt including Rion's left eye.

The girls are bathing at a nearby oasis. Rion recalls the promise that Akira and her did a few years ago. After they are done, they head back to the rest. Akira's Group and Makoto's Group are talking with each other over dinner. Shirou reveals to Makoto that there is more than one trap door. There are a countless number of traps completely surrounding The Tower. They don't need to worry about them, since they are buried under the ground. Shirou still thinks there is something nearby that needs protection. He suggests they should digging around the Tower.



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