Mouth of the Earth
Translated Title

Mouth of the Earth

English Title

Mouth of the Earth

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc

Forward, my Men!
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group finds a trapdoor near The Tower and work together in order to find their missing friends.

Full Summary

Akira is lost in his thought when Shirou claimed Rion and the others were eaten by The Island. Shirou has to choose his words wisely to avoid panic among the group. He orders Akira to walk to him slowly. Shirou whispers something to Akira's ear. After he was done, they tell everyone not to move. Shirou and Akira are crawling around the ground to find something. Akira finds something odd on the ground that Shirou warned him to look for. He uses a Rock to draw out the object. The object is shaped like a rectangle. Kazunari, Koyomi and Yuki are standing inside the object. Shirou orders them to walk out slowly one-by-one. After the trio walk out, Shirou starts to explain to the group. They have to gather woods, dirts and rocks in order to save the others. The boys are on standby while the girls put dirt inside the rectangle. As more dirt puts inside, something happens. A long shadow casts above them. Akira sees that and orders the boys to shove their woods in. It turns out, the rectangle object was a revolving trap door. They have blocked the trap door entrance.

Shirou reveals the door was originally designed to trap extinct animals inside. Makoto's Group dug out the weird wing object that was originally stuck in the hole. They accidently reactived the trap door and fell into it. Their friends are probably inside too. Akira stucks inside and calls out Rion.



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