Forward, my Men!
Translated Title

Forward, my Men!

English Title

Forward, my Men!

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc

My Girl
Mouth of the Earth
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

More people are disppearing without a trace. Akira needs to find them before the group breaks itself apart.

Full Summary

Akira and Yuki continue their search for Rion. In the end Yuki suggests they should head back. Someone else may have found something. Akira's Group are sheltering inside the forest. Takashi informs Akira that nobody has found something. The Maya's group were the last one to join the main group. Her group didn't find any clues. Tooru and Rei are discussing their two major problems. The first is their male to female ratio has changed. Their combat strengths has decreased significantly. The second problem is the mental minds of the group. The group consists of middle schoolers. Their minds are still unstable at their ages. Shirou is reviewing his Laptop for clues. He has mapped out the area around The Tower. And Mami hasn't had her premonition yet about this disappearance. Asuka thinks their friends have been eaten by some part of the island. Akira's Group starts to freak by Takahashi's claim. Akira calms the group down that an explanation will reveal itself some day. Until that day they need to look forward and press on.

The next morning they resume the search. Airi thinks his brother is still alive. Akira hears someone cries. Kazunari and Koyomi have lost sight of Maya's group. This time Maya, Miki, Kako and Mami are missing. Murayama saw them less than a minute ago. Koyomi saw something attacked them from above and casted like a shadow. The rest of the group convert to Maya's group last position. Shirou finally sees a connection between The Tower and the disappearances. He tells everyone not to move an inch. He now believes in Takahashi's story.



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