My Girl
Translated Title

My Girl

English Title

My Girl

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc

Especial Place
Forward, my Men!
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

While trying to find Rion, Akira reminisces when Rion ran away from home when they were young.

Full Summary

Akira is still shocked that Rion has disappeared. Takashi leads Akira, Shirou and Yuki to the last seen location of the missing trio. Kanako, Momoka and Shuu were the last people that saw them. They believe the trio was heading toward the forest. The group consists of Maya, Airi and Mami were in the forest, didn't see their missing friends. Takashi and Akira's Group are starting to believe the disappearance stories of Kairi. Akira won't believe any word of it. He runs into the forest by himself. Yuki went after him. The new duo start their own search for their missing friends. Akira tells Yuki about a childhood story when he was young.

It was about a young Rion ran away and everyone was looking for her. His mother made him to search for Rion. Rion was hiding under a garbage bin. Rion was mad about her father. He was supposed to take her to the amusement park, but he was forced to work at that day. They started to hangout somewhere and ended at an abandoned car. It rained suddenly and they were forced to stay inside the car. She left the car because she didn't want her parents to worry about her. Akira pulled her back inside before it rained heavily. Rion's hair was a mess. Akira fixed Rion's hair by using some strings. They slept inside the car until the next morning. Akira's Mother got angry at him for staying out. Rion's Mother and father were relieved to see Rion back. Before they departed, young Rion asked Akira if he wants her to be his bride. He needs to find her no matter what.

That is why Akira is determined to find Rion. Shirou is viewing the weird object. He can't find any connecting between the weird object, the Tower and the disappearance of his friends.


Introducted Characters

Rion's Father, Rion's Mother


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