Especial Place
Translated Title

Especial Place

English Title

Especial Place

Volume 11

Obelisk Arc

My Girl
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The search for Makoto's Group continues while Rion also disappears along with other people

Full Summary

Akira finds a Sketch Book that belongs to Miina. He wonders if it belongs to the real Miina Isurugi. Akira shows it to Shirou and Rion. Inside the Sketch Book they see drawings from all the extinct animals they have encountered before. Miina reveals some details about the real Miina Isurugi. Her grandfather spoils her so much that he lets her do whatever she wants. Shirou has a strange feeling about her while he reads through her sketchbook. Akira's Group calls off the search when the sun sets down.

Akira's Group is discussing about the disapperance of Makoto's Group. It reminds Kairi of a story he knows. It was about Angikuni village in Canada. It happened 80 years ago. A fur trapper found the village deserted. A village of 30 people simply vanished overnight. Similar story like the Mary Celeste drifting near Portugal with no people on board. The vanished people were never seen again. Akira doesn't believe the fate he won't see Makoto again. Rion is sleeping next to him. She reassures him they will see their friend again.

The next morning they split into smaller groups to search more areas around The Tower. Akira finds Shirou and Yuki standing next to the Tower. Yuki compares the Tower like an obelisk monument. Shirou believes the Tower to be a monument of some kind and could be used as a landmark. He thinks this place may have some special significance. Takashi comes running toward them. One of their search groups has been missing. Three of their friends vanish without a trail. He reports that Kairi, Yasunori and Rion were in that group. The last name hits Akira very hard.



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