Translated Title


English Title


Volume 10

Obelisk Arc

Especial Place
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group heads toward The Tower. They found Makoto's Group's baggages there, but notice that the people are missing.

Full Summary

Akira finds another Pile of Rocks. It is a sign left by Makoto. He is sure they are heading the right direction. They find other clues along the path. Momoka notices for the first time she is with a group with so many famous people fom school. Akira's Group take a break after a long walk. Momoka tells Tooru she is going to the toilet. Ryouichi overhears that and he starts to follow her. While he was daydreaming he loses track of her. He looks around and suddenly he started to scream. Momoka hears that and follows the scream. Ryouichi was looking at The Tower. Momoka calls the others to see it. Shirou suggests that was probably the thing that Makoto saw at the mountain.

Akira's Group is at the base of the Tower. Shirou thinks it looks like some kind of monument. Takashi finds something strange nearby. It appears a weird object. The object was recently dug out from the ground. Rion finds some Bags behind a big rock. There are some nametags on it. The bags belongs to Makoto and Aya. The group starts to fan out in search of their missing comrades. They find search the nearby area, but they find nothing. Akira sees a Sketch Book buried under the sand. It belongs to Miina. He calls out his Miina to ask him some questions.



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