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Volume 10

Obelisk Arc

Smile Sweetly
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Yuki is unsure about her feeling for Akira. She needs some love advice. Makoto's Group has reached The Tower. What mystery lies around the Tower?

Full Summary

Akira's Group has rested well for one whole day. Akira orders everyone to start packing. Shizuka informs Akira that Yuki hasn't returned from her walk. Yuki recalls her feeling about Akira. She wants to know what kind of feeling is that. Akira catches up on her. He notices Yuki seemed to be a little down recently. She asks out of blue whether Akira likes Rion. Akira remembers back when Kazuma said Yuki likes him. They start talking about the relationship between Akira and Rion. Akira likes the way it is. But if Rion makes the first move on him, he won't mind. With that last comment, Yuki slaps him on the back. She won't forgive anything perverted. They start heading back to the group. Yuki reassures herself that she will take things slowly with Akira. One day she will know her feeling. Everyone is firing up to catch up with Makoto and a way out of the island.

Makoto's Group] finally reach the base of the Tower. Makoto estimates the Tower is at least 15 meter high. Aya thought it was made of metallic, but it's made of stone. Miina thinks it is a relic of ancient time. Makoto suggests they fan out in search for clues. From the back Hideo finally catches up with his group. He has seen the surrounding area, there isn't anything around. Makoto is sure this island isn't from their world. That's why he left a message at the top of the mountain. Hideo doesn't mind if they look around as long they get them some food. He will be at the lookout while they roam around. Makoto sees something on top of the Tower using his Video Camera. Aya uses Makoto's back to climb up the Tower. But the skin of the Tower is very slippery. Seigou suggests they need more manpower to build a pyramid ladder to reach the top. Makoto starts to think about his old friends and how are they doing right now.

Hideo is wandering around with nothing to do. He finds a good place to nap behind a big rock. He sees something very strange. He yells out for help. The rest of the Makoto's Group follows his call. They see a weird object sticks out of the ground. Makoto suggests they dig the thing out.



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