Smile Sweetly
Translated Title

Smile Sweetly

English Title

Smile Sweetly

Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

Long Good-by
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is mourning ovet the loss of Kazuma. Meanwhile Makoto's Group finds the Antenna and starts inspecting it.

Full Summary

Makoto's Group is searching for The Tower. Hideo hasn't been back to the group. Seigou suggests they should wait for him, but Aya thinks he will catch up with them eventually. In the meantime they will check out a nearby mountain.

Akira is leading his group. He has found more Pile of Rocks on their path. Tooru catches up with Akira. He suggests they should rest for a while. They have been walking nonstop since yesterday. They also suffer from the loss of Kazuma. They head back a bit where they found a valley with fresh water. The girls are taking a bath silently. They are discussing about Kazuma being in the group. Rion feels that Kanako is more depressed than everyone else. Miina tries to cheer Kanako up. Maya is just as depressed as Kanako, but her spirit is still the same. She will only think about Kazuma in the good time. Kanako will do her best to smile for everyone.

The boys are lying down at a tree. Shirou has returned with a bag of Fruits. Akira and his group have to move on and live. They don't want Kazuma to die in vain. Before Akira left, Shirou wants to talk about Mami. Her previous premonitions have mostly come true. He accepts that Mami can predict the future.

Seigou is watching Makoto's Video Camera. The film was about Rion. Seigou was supposed to watch the Tower scene only. Like the Tower mystery, within their group lies another mystery. Miina has suffered an amnesia since the incident. She can't remember her name, but luckly they peek in her Sketchbook to find out her name. Aya and Miina were ahead of them when they suddenly stop walking. Makoto catches up with them and turns to see what they were looking at. They are looking at the mysterious Tower. They finally find the Tower since coming down the Cursed mountain. All they need to do is find out what it is.


Introducted Survival Items



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