Sink or Swim!
Translated Title

Sink or Swim!

English Title

Sink or Swim!

Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

Open the Way
Long Good-by
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Smoke has become filled the jungle with poisonous smoke and Akira's Group needs to find a way out of there.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is having problem with breathing. They sense something is wrong. The Rat-likes, Squirrel-likes, Cricket-likes, Bird-likes and Meganeura Monyis are fleeing the jungle. The baby Gigantopithecus is distracted by the smoke. Akira, Kanako and Momoka now have a chance to climb up the root. Shuu is hiding behind a tree. He had thought the baby Gigantopithecus would kill them off. The baby is chasing after them again. It was about to grab Kirino when something hit the baby's head. It finds it confusing and distracted. The baby jumps and escapes from the pit. Akira, Kanako and Momoka find it confusing. Momoka sees Shuu's Keychain on the ground. Akira's Group arrive at the pit and help them out of it. Rion is relieved to see Akira. Tooru suggests Akira they don't breath in the smoke. The group had seen lots of animal corpses on the way here. Some of the group felt throwing up after breathing in a little. Tooru thinks the fire is started by someone. Akira immediately thinks of Shirou. Miina is worried about the others. They haven't seen Shirou, Kazuma and Maya yet. Akira heads back into the jungle to find the rest. In the meantime the group should head out the jungle.

Along the way Akira sees the Gigantopithecuses are having problem breathing in from the poisonious smoke. He doesn´t want to stay longer then needed. A big fire is spreading ahead of him. He sees his friends lying on the ground. Mariya has miscalculated the bush to burst into flames quickly. Their bodies are too weak to travel from breathing in the smoke. With all his strength, Akira carries the trio on his back through the jungle. Akira soon feels the effect of the smoke. He collapses on the ground and starts losing consciouness. Rion wakes him up. Akira's Group has returned to rescue them. Because they are family. They have to stick together.


Introduction Extinct Animals

Rat-likes, Squirrel-likes, Bird-likes, Cricket-likes

Introducted Survival Items

Keychain, Nerium Oleander


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