Open the Way
Translated Title

Open the Way

English Title

Open the Way

Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

The End?
Sink or Swim!
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Shirou finally finds a techique to escape the Gigantopithecus. Shuu reveals why he wants Akira to die in the pit.

Full Summary

Kazuma and Shirou are trying to find a way to escape from the Gigantopithecus. Shirou was thinking too hard that he does not notice a Gigantopithecus was about to hit him. Kazuma pushes him away to take the hit. He was slammed against a tree. The Gigantopithecus finishes him off with a deadly blow on the ground. Shirou calls out for him. Kazuma is pulled off the ground by someone and into the bushes. Another Gigantopithecus makes another attack at Shirou. Shirou jumps into the bushes also. There he sees Maya was helping Kazuma up. She is here to warn Kazuma without revealing he is going to die. The Gigantopithecuses are angry that they lost them. Shirou is still trying to find a method to fight against the animals. Maya stops suddenly ahead of them. Shirou sees many Meganeura Monyis lying dead on the ground. He sees one group of bently trees and he finds some charcoal on the ground. Shirou finally solves the question to their problem. Maya and Shirou notice some change on Kazuma. But Kazuma reassures them it's nothing.

Akira is lying on the ground while Shuu is at the edge of the pit. Shuu wants Akira out of the way so he can have Rion for himself. He will watch Akira die. Kanako calls Akira out. Akira heads toward her and protect her and Momoka against the baby Gigantopithecus. The baby throws Akira down like a rag doll. It heads toward Kanako, but it was stopped by Akira. He wants to face the baby alone. Akira evades each attacks, but his body can't last anymore. When the baby was about to crush Akira, the baby notices something in the air. While the baby Gigantopithecus was distracted, Akira takes the women to the roots. Akira, Kanako and Momoka stop when they see a black fog in the jungle.



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