Duty of All Lives
Translated Title

Duty of All Lives

English Title

Duty of All Lives

Volume 2

Wonderful World Arc

The Underdog
Light & Darkness
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Rion, Shirou and Kanako are trying to escape the burning plane before its fuel tanks explode.

Full Summary

Rion comes running toward the exit door of the Plane to see Akira. She is happy to see him. Then she turns her head and sees the wingspan is on fire. Akira explains he set the wingspan on fire to chase the Megatherium Americanums away from the plane. The blaze is spreading faster then he had expected. It is now the best time to leave the plane. Rion returns to Kanako and Shirou and explains the situation. Right now they couldn't go to the rear exit because the escape chute is gone. Kanako suggest they head to the cockpit. There's a rope decent emergency hatch there. They throw their belongings out at the rear exit. Akira is there holding everyone Bags. Since the wingspan is in the middle of the plane, they have to across the smoke area. They wet themselves with Water Bottles. They crawl under the smoke through the mid-section. When they arrive near the cockpit area, they see the door has been blocked. Luckly Kanako sees another way out of there. Through the cargo room they go to the bulk cargo area. It has a manual door. The lever is burning from the above compartment's heat. With the combine strength of the trio, they open the door. Akira is standing outside waiting for them.

The whole plane is now on fire. Akira and his friends are safe from a distance. Kanako sees Akira's hands have been burned. She realised it was not the power of three, but the power of four to open that lever on the plane. A laughter is heard in the darkness of the jungle. Everyone is wondering who it belongs to. Akira has heard that laughter before. He calls out his name. Hades reveals himself to them and tells them it was a mistake destroying the plane. The passengers were forced to leave the plane. They encounter weird monsters day in and day out. They needed something to look upon. The plane was everyone's "Hope". They hope one day they can return to the plane and fly away. Now they are separated and left on their own. The explosion and fire is so huge, everyone will know about it. Everyone will feel a bit lost. The culprit of this act is Akira. With that say, Hades heads back into the jungle.

Rion tries to defend Akira's act, but it is no used, the truth hurts. Shirou suggests not to regret it, but moves forward about the decision they made. Right now they have to find tonight's beds. Shirou asks himself if Akira has noticed that everyone is relying on him.


Introducted Survival Items

Water Bottle, Bag


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