The End?
Translated Title

The End?

English Title

The End?

Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

The Tribe
Open the Way
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Mami predicts Kazuma's death, which Akira's Group tries to prevent. In the meantime Shirou and Kazuma are running away from four Gigantopithecuses, while Akira and Shuu finally find Kanako. But before Akira manages rescue Kanako, Shuu attacks him from behind.

Full Summary

Akira's Group sees Shirou down at the base of the cliff. Tooru suggests they head down through an alternate route. While the group starts to leave, Mami was still standing at the cliff watching downbelow. Maya prevents her from falling down. Mami tells the group that she saw Kazuma dying. She wants to warn him about the danger. Maya volunteers to slide down the cliff to warns Saji. Rion and Yuki are started to worry about Akira.

Akira and Shuu are searching around the area. Shuu notices a nest nearby. They need to hurry. Kazuma can't hold the Gigantopithecus forever. Shirou and Kazuma are surrounded by four Gigantopithecuses. Shirou whispers something into Kazuma's ear. They head toward the Gigantopithecus' leader. Before the Gigantopithecus' arms reach them, they run on the opposite direction at the last second and return together at the back of the ancient ape. Kazuma thanks Shirou for coming back for him. The Gigantopithecuses are chasing after them again. Kazuma finds it weird that the Gigantopithecus will chase after an enemy they know nothing about. Shirou thinks they have met humans before. He theories that other humans have fought against them and the Gigantopithecuses see them as danger. The Gigantopithecuses have caught up with them. Shirou need to think a way to defeat the ancient apes.

Kanako and Momoka are running away from the baby Gigantopithecus. Momoka describes the person she likes. But he thinks of her as his little sister. The baby hits Kanako and she falls down. Blood is dripping from her nose. Akira finally sees Kanako and an unknown girl. Akira and Shuu see some roots of a tree that goes down on the pit. They can use it as a rope to climb out of it. Akira will create a diversion while Shuu will pull the women up. After Akira thanks Shuu for coming along, Shuu hits Akira with his Kendo Stick.



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