The Tribe
Translated Title

The Tribe

English Title

The Tribe

Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

The End?
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group decides to turn and help Akira, Kazuma and Shuu out. The Gigantopithecuses has a strategy for Kazuma.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is discussing about Kazuma and his bond with his friends and family. Takashi debates whether they should help the trio rescuing Kanako. Shirou is still against that. He is afraid more people will die because of that. In the end everyone agree to go ahead. Shirou reveals to Maya that he doesn't have a mother also.

Akira and Shuu are hiding in the bushes while Saji provokes the Gigantopithecuses. Kazuma throw a stone at the Gigantopithecus' head to get its attention and starts to run as three Gigantopithecuses are at his tail. A Gigantopithecus almost had Kazuma when he got caught between two trees. He turns his head and see only one chaser. He wonders where the other two are. Another Gigantopithecus appears in front of him. The third one blocks his escape. If things could get worst, a fourth Gigantopithecus comes out of nowhere and Kazuma is trapped.

Takashi is leading the group in search of the trio. They run into a cliff. Rion sees Kazuma alone at the base of the cliff. Four Gigantopithecuses are closing in his position. Shirou slides down even thought it was dangerous. He bets everyone's shocked of his odd behaviour. He owns his odd behaviour to Kazuma. He feels for someone for the first time since a long time ago with his Mother. Shirou trips and falls down hard. Kazuma turns and see Shirou lying on the ground. Shirou has no plan dealing with the Gigantopithecus, but he wants to stand by with Kazuma.


Introduction Characters

Shirou's Oldest Sister, Shirou's 2nd Oldest Sister, Shirou's 3rd Oldest Sister, Shirou's Father, Shirou's Mother, Shirou's Younger Sister


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