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Volume 10

Gigantopithecus Arc

Beating Friends
The Tribe
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The baby Gigantopithecus is hunting Kanako and Momoka down. Meanwhile Akira, Kazuma and Shuu see three Gigantopithecuses. They need a plan to find Kanako.

Full Summary

Kanako and Momoka are stuck in a baby Gigantopithecus' hunting practice pit. They need to escape before they ends up like Touko. The Gigantopithecus starts chasing them. The baby slams them on the ground. Momoka has lost her will to run. Kanako reassures Momoka to stay alive in order to confess someone she likes. With their remaining strengths they start running away from the baby.

Akira's Group is following someone marked arrow on a tree. Takashi is doubting that they did the right thing. Maya wants to tell a story to Shirou. It is about tale about Kazuma and his family. She was invited for dinner five years ago. She noticed his family didn't pay any attention to him. He was always alone even in his own house. Maya points out that Kazuma seems to be a carefree guy, but friends and comrades are an irreplaceable thing for him. Someone like Shirou may not understand that.

Akira, Kazuma and Shuu are still on their search for Kanako. Shuu is walking behind Akira. He was about to pull something from his pocket when Kazuma notices a noise. Shuu sees something behind a tree. The trio observe three Gigantopithecuses are chatting with each other. They can't face three Gigantopithecuses at once. They need a plan. Kazuma suggests they use someone as bait to provoke them. The other two will look for Kanako in the mean time. Kazuma volunteers himself as bait. He will apologise to Shirou when they returned. He sees all of them as his family. They head out with their plan.

Mami is not sure if she should tell someone about her premonition. It involves Kazuma getting killed.


Introducted Characters

Kazuma's Father, Kazuma's Mother, Kazuma's Stepmother, Kazuma's Stepsister


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