Beating Friends
Translated Title

Beating Friends

English Title

Beating Friends

Volume 9

Gigantopithecus Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kazuma is determined to find Kanako one way or another. Akira and an unexpected help will accompany Kazuma in its quest.

Full Summary

Kazuma is mad at Shirou. Shirou has suggested they should leave Kanako behind. He argues the opponent is too strong and intelligence for them to fight back. They have no advantage at its territory. Kazuma starts to hit Shirou when he suggested Kanako is already dead. He keeps hitting Shirou until Akira stops him. Akira will accompany Kazuma to rescue Kanako while the rest of the group find a way out of here. Shuu volunteers himself as the third person to rescue Kanako. When Kazuma touched Mami, she sees another premonition.

Akira, Kazuma and Shuu are trekking the footprints of a Gigantopithecus. Kazuma is determined to find Kanako even she rejected his confession. Somewhere deep in the jungle Kanako starts to wake up. Someone is staring at her. Momoka Kirino prefers they should keep quiet or the baby Gigantopithecus will wake up. She was also kidnapped by the adult Gigantopithecus not too long ago. They need to get out of the pit before they end up like Touko. She points at her dead friend nearby. Touko's body is torned and twisted. The baby Gigantopithecus played with her before killing her. They are used as the monkey's toys. Kanako reassures her that her friends will save them. The baby Gigantopithecus yawns and starts to wake up.


Introducted Characters

Momoka Kirino

Deceased Characters



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