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Volume 9

Gigantopithecus Arc

Visitor at the Dark
Beating Friends
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is trekking through the huge jungle in search for Kanako. The mysterious attacker returns and attacks Akira's Group.

Full Summary

Rion is leading Akira's Group into the jungle instead of Akira. Akira thinks Rion felt guilty of Kanako's kidnapping. Takashi found Kanako's jacket on the ground. Akira notices some blood on the jacket. They don't need to worry since the amount of blood isn't much. They continue the search for Kanako, an animal is watching them from above.

They have been walking into the jungle for a while. Their pine Torches are starting to burn out. They need to find dry woods. Kazuma asks Yuki to help him lighting up some torches. She reassures Kazuma that his feeling will reach Kanako. In return Kazuma reassures Yuki that her feeling will reach Akira also. Kazuma's last torch goes out. It is dark in the jungle. They can't see anything in front of them. Something creeps behind Yuki. She got slammed by the mysterious attacker. More attacks happen around Akira's Group. Rion recognises the attacker's silhouette. It's the same one that abducted Kanako. An Eusmilus approaches them and the attacker. It seems to glare at the attacker. The Eusmilus bites on the attacker's neck. However the attacker is a lot stronger than the ancient sabretooth. Its throws the Eusmilus off its back. The sabretooth runs a second attack. The attacker picks up a stone and smashs the Eusmilus hard. The attacker walks into the moonlight. Shirou recognises the attacker as the Gigantopithecus. The Gigantopithecus finishes the Eusmilus off by crushing its skull. With no other immediately danger nearby, the Gigantopithecus retreat deep into the jungle.

Akira's Group is scared by the power of the ancient snowman. Shirou isn't impressed by its power. He thinks the Gigantopithecus is intelligent enough to use a tool to kill its prey. It makes the animal a lot more dangerous than they ever encounter before. Shirou prefers they should give Kanako up before more people will die. Kazuma hears that and he is pissed at Shirou.


Introducted Extinct Animals



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